I Rescued this Adorable Chair from Fashion Purgatory

Check out this sad little chair I found at Home Goods:

Poor little guy, it looks like it's wearing a polyester blazer :( However, if you look closely you can see there's great potential and a lot here to work with: classic style, dignified lines and sturdy construction. Let's skip ahead to the “After” shot:

Can that possibly be the same chair?!? I had a specific look in mind when I began this rescue, and it's amazing the kind of complete transformation that can be achieved with Diamond Heads and a vision

I took the polyester blazer off, burned it, buried the ashes, and replaced it with a black & white striped fabric that has a very striking, very appealing sophisticated, contemporary look. Then I added piping to create a “separate” cushion, added more piping to the frame to make the lines really pop, and then of course added “Black Diamond” Diamond Heads for a touch of modern luxury.

This is a stylish and brand new looking chair, at a fraction of the cost of actually buying new... and it's the exact look I wanted to match a room!

One Unbelievable Transformation at a Time

I promise you, this “Before & After” is legit – the difference is so dramatic it reminds me of a scammy online diet ad, but this is what the magic looks like with a little creativity and the right Diamond Heads. Old chair, gorgeous new look and killer new personality!

If your furnishings need a facelift or you want custom pieces designed and created to order, please get in touch with me – I can create furnishings for you that will perfectly match the look you want and become stylish conversation pieces for your home.