Why Is this Dog Smiling? Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Why Is this Dog Smiling?

Probably because she just found this killer cool bench in a magical forest and now she's totally stoked to bring it home!

Actually, that's a cute story but not entirely true. This began as a request from a friend of mine, who asked me to consult with her on a restoration project on an older bench. She wanted to know A) what kind of fabric to use, and of course B) what would be the perfect Diamond Head stone to go with it?

Fast forward to the payoff, here's a closer look at how it turned out:

The fabric is a soft 'n' fuzzy peacock blue velvet that is lush and regal looking, perfect for a bench that will be a focal décor item. The Diamond Heads are the Kaleidoscope stones, which feature a swirl of shimmering colors, including a soft blue that picks up the fabric beautifully!

The bench goes in her entry way, you can see right away how the style and colors mesh with the design of the mirror to create a look that is distinctive and unified:

This bench also looks lovely in a magical forest setting, guarded by a beast both fearsome and savage:

Bottom line here: creating something lovely and memorable for your home requires a little inspiration and just enough follow through to get the job done. Diamond Heads can help you pull together the look you want, and there are so many different stones, with different colors and vibes, you are certain to find the ones that are just right.

Or,  you can just wait for your dog to find the perfect furnishing, in a magical forest – sometimes that works too!