Back to the Furniture, or “How I Fast-Forwarded This Bedroom from the Year 2002!” Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Back to the Furniture, or “How I Fast-Forwarded This Bedroom from the Year 2002!”

What you see above is a nice bedroom, but one that is stuck in an early 2000s style: safe colors, muted tones and a lack of pizzazz. Comfy but not inspiring, and the bedroom is a great place to let in some character and try for a more unique look.

This project actually started very simply, with just a fancy schmancy bench:

The colors are bold but not over the top, the black velvet fabric has an amazing depth and luxurious flair, and the Smokey-Grey Diamond Heads add just the right note of bling to make the whole thing really pop!

The homeowner loved the look of the bench so much that she wanted me to design the look of the entire room to match – this turned into a really fun project where I was able to apply a lot of creativity in creating a distinctive vision for the space.

Here's the finished bed, with end tables and accessories. It was easy to take those colors from the bench and expand on them, creating a look that is modern and up-to-date, but also vibrant and passionate! The tables, lamps and mirror all share clean lines and a sophisticated look that complements the colors wonderfully.

I used Smokey-Grey Diamond Heads to frame the headboard. The color is versatile, able to match without being too on-the-nose, and bed bling a great way to transform your bedroom from something that's not just functional but also a space with the power to inspire you!

Sometimes you start with something small, like a bench for the bedroom, and it sets you on a larger fashion journey that allows you to create something wonderful and memorable!