Stoli and Spencer

Just in Time for the Holidays, a Stylish Cat Bed Makeover by Diamond Heads

Dogs and cats living together?!? During the holiday season all things are possible...

It all started when Spencer decided his cat bed was plenty comfy, but lacked a little something in the swag department. It's a sentiment I feel like we can all understand! Here's Spencer trying to pretend he's not sad about his not-festive-enough bed:

Don't fret, Spencer – your Mom will save you! Spencer's Mom decided to kill two birds with one stone, with a cat bed makeover that will not only cheer Spencer, but also be a festive décor accent for the Christmas season. Here's what she did:

Step 1: Gently remove Spencer from cat bed.

Step 2: Select festive fabric, in this case a beautiful red velvet ribbon, to lay across the front.

Step 3: Fix ribbon in place and page through the Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks catalog to find just the right ones to create a " Santa's belt" that Spencer will love! (Mom went with the 15mm White Diamonds and 11mm Black Diamonds, all in the Gold settings.

Step 4: Diamond Heads have been chosen, now the easy part: using the spacing tool to easily create a professional looking design.

Step 5: It literally took only an hour to tap in the Diamond Heads and create a cat bed that Spencer loves AND that can be a décor focal point that really brings the holiday season home.

Spencer's so happy, he even invited his brother for some snuggle time... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!