Before-and-After Showcase: I Went All In on this Stunning Amazonite Rescue! Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Before-and-After Showcase: I Went All In on this Stunning Amazonite Rescue!

Amazonite is known as the “Gambler's Stone” because it's associated with powerful energies for luck, wealth, and success. It's also one of my newest Diamond Heads and I've been looking for a project to showcase how its subtle blue, green, and aqua colors make it a great stone to decorate around.
When I saw this chair at a fire sale where model home furnishings retire to their forever homes, I was inspired to take a gamble on helping it live its best life:
I'm not going to leave you waiting, here's what the transformation looks like:
Check out how our Amazonite Diamond Heads complement the Tiffany Blue bed—sometimes it's tough to find suitable companions for bold colors, but the subtle variations of the Amazonite stones are PERFECT! Bonus points for the amazing match with Spencer and Grace's eyes!
The pillow is a beautiful piece all its own, done up in an embroidered floral-print fabric from GP&J Baker, accessorized with a really divine 2½-inch beaded tape from Kravet. Everything works together to create an accent piece with gorgeous colors, artful imagery, and appealing texture.
Taking this chair from something unseen to a heirloom focal point, while adding significant value, is really what the Diamond Heads experience is all about. I think my Amazonite gamble paid off, I can attest to the calming feeling I receive everytime I look at the gorgeous stone in my bedroom.