Feathered Furnishing for a Flight of Fashion Fancy Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Feathered Furnishing for a Flight of Fashion Fancy

The creative process is never predictable and sometimes you just have to go where it takes you... this feathered ottoman was an unexpected expedition to Glam Land. If you're in the mood to channel Paisley Park take note, because this is something that Prince would have loved!
The button-tufted pillow top is in a luxe raspberry velvet that's as soft and indulgent as it looks. That sparkling trim? Those are 20mm Kaleidoscope Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks that perfectly pick up the iridescent shimmer of the ebony feather skirt – together they are a combination that is fanciful, bold, and glamorous. Brushed gold-colored aluminum legs echo the Kaleidoscope DHUT stones and add another lavish layer.

This feather-skirted ottoman is designed to be a focal point in a room dedicated to the glam life. It would be wonderful in a guest room or a room for entertaining, or in a large walk-in closet to make a definitively luxurious statement.

Before the glamour infusion, this was a pretty traditional looking ottoman: functional and sturdy, but a little out of style and definitely in need of a makeover. Most furnishings just need a little love and a stylish plan to get a new lease on life – keep that in mind if you want a different look for your home but are put off by the cost of buying brand new furnishings.

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Creative projects like this one are fun and allow me to really explore vivid looks and fun styles. If you have a specific look in mind and you need some help to progress it from the idea stage, we should talk. I'd love to work with you to help bring new ideas to life and deliver a look that you will adore!

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