Summer Travel Series, Morocco continued.... Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Summer Travel Series, Morocco continued....

Continuing our Summer Travel Series, Morocco continued... Visiting High Atlas Mountains and the city of Fes!
ic: Kasbah Tamadotic: Sir Richard Branson Retreat
ic: Moroccan Dress
ic: Moroccan Mosque

The colors and textures that surrounded us between our last two stops in Morocco inspired me to take a fresh look at the gorgeous depth of color offered by our Epidote Stone. With soothing tones of coral red and multiple shades of green; the richly marbled texture of Epidote is versatile and attractive, bringing distinguished beauty to a neutral palate.


ic: Epidote Stoneic: Epidote Stoneic: Epidote Stone
*Epidote assists visualization and interpretation of desires
*Promotes contemplation and achieving goals

After the frenetic pace of Marrakesh, we were looking forward to a few days in the High Atlas Mountains and the pampering and spa time offered by Richard Branson’s five star retreat, Kasbah Tamadot, a converted Governor’s Palace that is regularly voted the top resort in Africa and the Middle East. Surrounded by Berber villages built on the slopes of the rolling hills - The beautiful and tranquil High Atlas Mountains resort was a welcome anecdote to the frenzy of Marrakesh.
ic: Kasbah Tamadot Pool ic: Kasbah Tamadot Sunriseic: High Atlas Mountainsic: Berber Village


Our final stop on our Moroccan adventure would be the imperial city of Fes, the home to the oldest and largest Medina in Africa dating back to the 9th century. Once the capital of Morocco, Fes is still widely considered its cultural epicenter.


ic: Fes Imperial Palace ic: Moroccan Fountain ic: Ally in Fes, Moroccoic: Moroccan Rugs
While checking out the tanneries in Fes is a “must do”, be forewarned that the hundreds of earthen pits full of various colored dyes used to color skins come with quite a strong (unpleasant) smell. The tanneries actually hand out fresh mint to help mask the odor! No guarantees that it works completely but this simply is part of Fes and the Moroccan experience.
ic: Leather Tannery in Fes
ic: Fes Imperial Palace
ic: Street in Fes, Moroccoic: sleeping kittens in Moroccoic: gate into the city of Fes
ic: Epidote Stone
While absorbing all of the sights and culture in Fes, I was very excited to share the inspiration and images with you! I hope you too, were inspired by the amazing culture from another world! Now on to Kenya and our first safari adventure! I’ll be sure and circle back with more inspiration from Kenya!
Xoxo- Bree