Urban Owl Does It Again  the Newest Before & After! Diamond Head Upholstery Tack

Urban Owl Does It Again – the Newest Before & After!

You've already seen some fabulous fine art restorations here from Urban Owl in Gilbert, AZ. Kim is one of my favorite creators: she has a magical gift to bring new life to furnishings that are ready for a turn in the spotlight.

The vintage floral design for this chair is AMAZING and the antique European style really radiates a special vibe. This stunning work of art looks like it was taken from a sitting room at Versailles!

I won't give away her secrets, but she only uses bespoke and luxury fabrics in her makeovers. For the ultra-luxe trim, she chose our 15mm Howlite Stone in the black setting. I'm so proud Diamond Heads were the perfect embellishment to take her design to the next level.

Thanks for sharing, Kim – we can't wait to see your next imaginative miracle!

XO- Bree